Monday Morning (Slow Tempo)

Written by MacKenzie Wilson (Asheville Forest Music/SESAC)

Verse 1:
We called it quits Saturday night
By Sunday you were gone
I had an empty house and I was all alone
We paid the price of treating love like a war
Using our words like guns
To settle every score
Who was in the wrong
It doesn’t seem to matter now
When all my memory recalls
Is your suitcase packed and that slamming door
And all I know, all I know

Is it feels like I’ve been here for days and nights
The empty bottles all around
Are the only reason I’m still in this fight
With the curtains closed and the sad songs on
A tear soaked pillow, no breath in my lungs
I’ve forgotten what its like to be strong
And its only, its only Monday morning

Verse 2:
The moment you left the silence echoed through
Cuz our little house has always had
Just enough room for two
No need to check the phone
I’ve got no missed calls no unread texts
Who knows how many miles away you are
On a crowded highway headed west
And all I know, all I know


And I swore I would never be the girl
To let a man come and destroy my whole world
Well tomorrow’s a new day I’m praying I’ll be fine
But for right now I can’t get a grip on my mind